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Our response to COVID-19 pandemic

Benham’s Circuit Churches (Campground UMC, Booher’s Chapel UMC, and Mary’s Chapel Union Church) are all open and participating with in-person Worship

Although we were mandated to close briefly we quickly established an online web presence ( and Facebook page (Mary’s Chapel Union Church) and began online worship on March 29, 2020. We shifted in-person worship to outdoor services at a local farm for a few weeks and then resumed in-person worship with restrictions shortly afterward. All three of our churches are currently open for in-person worship.

While we do our best to be safe it is our belief that our doors should always be open for those in need and those who wish to attend in-person services. We believe that Jesus Christ set this example and has been followed by many, such as Mother Teresa, in ministering to the most disease-ridden communities in the world.

Although due to health and extended family health concerns we cannot all attend in-person worship, those who can are in service and remain in ministry to our community and missions.

We continue to work to protect those most susceptible to COVID-19 while still maintaining contact and services for those severely impacted by isolation and loneliness, especially our children, youth, and young adults.

In our goal to be as safe as we can, we obtained and offered 3M N-95 facemasks to our elderly and compromised who wished to continue attending our services. Additionally, we obtained and offered 3M 810S (small) facemasks to those with young children in the event of an accident or injury requiring a hospital or ER visit and possible higher risk of exposure. The majority of our congregants opted for cloth or surgical facemasks.

We maintain lists of congregants and visitors for possible contact tracing. To date, we have only closed one week for a possible contact which ultimately never impacted us.

We are dedicated to keeping our doors open and supporting our local and extended community/family needs and missions.

We remain in prayer for our Nation, Leaders, Churches, Communities, Families, and Mission. And for God’s help that we may continue to be the hands and feet of Christ in the world.

Please join us!

Reverend Curtis Frye

Benham’s Circuit Churches

Campground UMC

Booher’s Chapel UMC

Mary’s Chapel Union Church

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